10 Tips How to Take Care of Mixer Grinder?

Mixer grinders are a common addition to many kitchens today, including in India. If you have one mixer grinder that should always be cleaned after use by wiping the blades and cups with a damp cloth or paper towel. When you clean your mixer grinder after every use it will continue to look great and operate smoothly for years to come.

1. Always unplug your mixer grinder before cleaning it. The mixer blades are very sharp and easily cut hands, fingers or any other body part that gets in the way of rotating blades. Wipe the outside of the appliance after every use with a damp cloth to remove food spills. Food trapped between the buttons can cause odor and bacteria to form.

2. Rinse the cup immediately after you use it to remove all food particles. Do not pour water directly onto the appliance, as this could force liquid through the motor and cause damage to the electrical components of your mixer grinder or even electrocution if you are pouring water into a plugged-in appliance.

3. Take apart the blades, cup and other components of your mixer grinder after every use to remove build up of food particles on all motorized parts. Do not immerse any part of your mixer grinder in water; instead, hold the pieces under running water for easy cleaning.

4. Always store appliance with cup removed to ensure there are no obstructions for proper function.

5. When you season your grinder, do not use any kind of oil or fat as they will clog up the mechanism and cause it to malfunction. Put one drop of water on the inside edge of the cup before you grind to stick all spices together into a paste that will easily flow through the blades. If you are cooking dry spices, first soak them in a tablespoon of water for 30 minutes before grinding to make wet masala instead of powder during grinding.

6. Do not grind more than 1 cup (250 ml) of chutney or paste at a time as this will cause overflow and spillage. For wet masala, grind half a cup of water along with the chutney or paste.

7. If you see oil oozing from your mixer grinder do not put any more spices in it until you have cleaned thoroughly and removed excess oil build up. The amount of motorized parts inside the appliance are minimal so never try to work on any motorized parts yourself as you could short circuit the appliance.

8. Never leave a plugged in mixer grinder unattended as it may overheat and cause fire. If the plastic body of the appliance starts to melt or burn, do not touch it with bare hands or immerse it in water as this can cause the electric shock.

9. Never allow a child to use your mixer grinder without close supervision by an adult. There have been cases of children being seriously injured when the mixer grinder was plugged in and switched on while left unattended or when it is used for purposes other than grinding.

10. Do not forget to remove excess oil and spice build up from the blades and cup after every use to ensure smooth operation of your mixer grinder.

These are the best tips to take care of your mixer grinder. These tips will help you get the most from your mixer grinder, which means that it will serve you for a long time. If you have any further queries on this topic, please leave a comment in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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