Things to know before buying Mixer Grinder

It is a very common practice in urban and metro areas to go for household items online. The majority of the people in these parts of the world have Internet access and it becomes easier, faster, and more convenient to buy home appliances and kitchen appliances online than going to local stores.

Mixer grinders are kitchen appliances that can be used with a variety of different attachments such as blending jars, juicer jars, etc. Depending on your need one can choose from a wide range available in the market both offline and online. However, before you plan to buy a mixer grinder for yourself or for someone else, there are some important things that you should know. Some features may be important while others might not matter at all depending upon what sort of usage do you have planned for these appliances.

Keys:  There are basically four types of mixie available in the market. The first one is a manually operated mixer grinder which needs to be turned by hand and requires hard work and effort. The second one has a motor and an attached gear box-like system that can require assistance from human power or can run on electricity as well. The third type is fully electric-powered without any requirement of manual efforts, however, it can either be corded v/s cordless. These last two types are considered more efficient than the other two as they do not require much input from the user end for functioning, also these offer consistent performance throughout use, unlike manually operated ones where strength and precision are required at all times to operate Mixer Grinder.

However, a manual mixer grinder is a lot cheaper option than the electric-powered options and can be an ideal choice if you wish to use it only occasionally or when the electricity goes out of order. The electric model on the other hand is more suitable for consistent use. If you are thinking of using it in your kitchen regularly then go for corded type which offers more power and performance v/s cordless one which might die down in between functions depending upon how long it has been used prior to the last charge.

A Planetary MixerGrinder consists of two traditional grinding stones similar to what we find in a Chaff Cutter/Chakki, but instead, there’s a flat plate that spins around a central pivot shaft containing vanes like fins. The flat plate and the fins are stationary, while the inner shaft with vanes spins. This motion causes the food to move in a circular pattern for even grinding.

A Jars are now come either made of Stainless Steel or plastic/Borosilicate glass jars. The stainless steel ones are priced higher but are more durable compared to plastic jars which can break easily if dropped on the floor or mishandled. Plastic jars though cheaper tend to retain strong stinks leading to foul smells making it difficult for users who wish to extract juice out of fruits like pineapple, orange, etc.

Stainless steel jars neither retain smells nor do they spoil food contents after storing it for days together due to their inert nature i e being non-reactive to chemicals in food or liquid contents.

Chopper/Grinder attachment is a widely used option in mixer grinders available these days. It reduces the onion, ginger, and garlic to paste-like consistency quickly to save time required for chopping them manually beforehand. They also come with multiple blades to chop different types of food into fine or coarse pieces as desired. However, this Chopper Bowl usually holds a limited quantity that can interfere when large quantities need to be chopped at once which requires manual labor if the chopper bowl is not big enough.

For mushy foods like tomato, banana, mushy fish, etc blender jars are best suited.

Now the important thing here is the Multi-purpose Jar /Multiple Jars which offer a variety of jar attachments compatible with it. They offer a variety of functions in a single jar by simply swapping jarheads.

Mixer-grinders with larger jars are a good choice if the requirement is for making juice, puree, or larger quantities at a time. However, the requirement for a smaller one needs to be checked out before buying. Some mixer grinders also come with completely separate components called masala grinding attachment which aids in crushing spices much more efficiently and better compared to blender jars which work best only on soft food contents only. If you need your mixer grinder to serve both purposes then you can go for Multi-purpose Jar/Multiple Jars else get separate jar attachments for masala chutney or curry pastes depending upon what sort of usage has been planned by the user

Speed control on the mixer grinder is an important option these days as some models like Preethi mixie offer dual-speed control where the first one controls time taken for food to spin inside grinding stones and the second one on the outer ring of the jar acts as turbo-boost. These speeds can be set according to requirements best suitable for whatever food content needs to be ground at that moment.

Wattage is another concern while buying a mixer grinder. If its usage has been restricted only normal day to day cooking then 100 watts might suffice whereas if you wish to use it hard by mixing dough or heavy mixtures then 200 watts ideally would serve better than 100-watt ones. However, 600 watts are power-packed intense machines that perform all functions with ease.

These days most mixer grinders come with longer warranty periods due to increasing market competition and customer awareness. It’s good for the user as it ensures that whatever happens Mixer Grinder can be exchanged or repaired within the warranty period without spending a single penny out of pocket so long as one has registered their mixer grinder online.

Finally before buying read up all product specifications and customer reviews to eliminate any sort of confusion and understand which features would best suit your needs and requirements. Take note that most companies now offer a 2-3 years extended warranty from date of purchase for registered customers which you can avail of if required.

So, this is all about the Mixer Grinder Buying Guide & Tips by which I hope will help you to buy a Mixer Grinder of your choice.

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